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How does it work?

221 is a space to connect, share insights, and engage with buyers and real estate agents across your country or the world.

3 Simple Steps And You Are Away

  1. Register an account
  2. Join the DMC (Deal Makers Club)
  3. Start networking

Why should I join?

See Below Some Of The Key Points Of 221 Deal Makers Club

Search For Properties

Sell Or Build Your Portfolio

Agents from all over the world add their listings to 221, because it is a trusted agent-to-agent marketing and sharing platform. When you find a property of interest, you can contact the listing agent directly via secure messaging or instant video call.

Each agent decides where to display their listings (Off-Market, Distressed or any of the Public categories). For these reasons, you will find properties in 221 agent community that are not advertised anywhere else.

With one low subscription fee, you open the world of opportunities.

Profile & Overview

Make Your Profile Shine And Attract More Business

In 221 every member can build a professional profile, containing their credentials , contact information, and links to their listings.

When you need to find another professional outside your area to assist a client, this is where you start – and it’s where they start to find you, too. Search by location, language, credentials, name, specialty, see their portfolio, latest posts and find exactly the partner you need for your transaction.

Your 221 profile is an essential marketing tool, constantly available to referring agents across the street or across the globe.

With one low subscription fee, you open the world of opportunities.

Add Listings

List Unlimited Number Of Properties

221 removes the barriers of geography and language, and allows you to promote properties with large images, multi-language descriptions, virtual tours and videos to please sellers and give you a competitive advantage.

Agents from all over the world add their listings to 221, because it is a trusted site for agent-to-agent marketing and sharing. Each agent decides how much commission they will share with another agent, making 221 a perfect place to make a deal!

With one low subscription fee, you open the world of opportunities.

Build A Referral Network

Grow And Accelerate Your Sales

221 is a professional network designed to connect real estate professionals around the world who want to do business together.

Market yourself and your listings to referring agents across the street or across the world.

There is no faster way to increase your income than by working collaboratively with other agents who can market your property listings or send you clients. Connect with property professionals or buyers everywhere, or only with trusted associates – it’s your choice.

Post And Share Listings

Comment On Post, Follow And Be Followed

Take full advantage of the 221 Internet networking tools by sharing your properties with other 221 members with only one click.

Never before has it been this easy to get the visibility you want to buyers and sellers worldwide.

Instantly Connect

Start a Conversation With Professionals, Buyers and Investors

221 help you connect, communicate, and express your ideas so you can get more done together. We’re proud to facilitate communications between our members, around the world or just next door.

Leads, Referrals, And Commissions

First Fully Transparent Commission Sharing System

Deal Makers Club members do business with real people they can trust. Every registered member is ID and License checked.

To avoid misunderstanding between agents, the offered commissions are displayed on each property. You can even search for the commission you are looking for.

Every Agent can access a shared global portfolio and sell properties they didn’t have before at a set-and-agreed commission by the seller.
Agencies or agents with large portfolios have access to additional buyers which creates new sale opportunities.

Post a job or apply to one

1 Minute to post and one click to apply

You can post for Free an unlimited number of jobs. Applicant can apply with only one click, making it super convenient to get all of their information without them having to fill in a CV.

Competitors are now your best friends

Connecting is opening a new world of opportunities

221 unifies every brand on one platform and allows sharing of properties between and among all the 221’s members.

Finding and selling new stock is now reduced to a few clicks.

Join Our Network & Grow With Us

Professionals can join the fastest growing Network in the world. 221 partners with the very best agents, brokers, dealers and brands worldwide. Become part of the 221 Network and acquire new affluent clients and accelerate your sales.


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